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“I came to Essex County Council because it is unique among local authorities in terms of pay and rewards. I am an experienced reward professional with a track record of over 20 years in HR. 13 of these years have been focused on compensation, benefits and reward (including pay review cycles), job pricing, job evaluation, data analytics and presenting to a diverse audience.”

Amy Pennick, Employment Reward Lead

Here at Essex County Council Amy is responsible for the pay, recognition and benefit policies and procedures, keeping pace with current reward trends and thinking, while ensuring that the day-to-day operational aspects are delivered to employees, managers and leadership teams. It’s safe to say that pay and reward at Essex County Council has no greater advocate.

Essex Pay

긴밀한 협진 실시 일산차병원 이 고위험 임산부와 태아를 집중 관리하는 ‘고위험 임산부 집중치료실’을 개소하고 본격적인 운영에 들어갔다, 조합표준규약에 따르면, 탈퇴 등으로 조합원 지위를 상실한 자는 총 납입금에서 공동부담금을 공제한 금액을 환급청구일로부터 30일 이내 지급 받을 수 있다. 운영 경비를 보조할 수 있도록 법적 근거를 마련하는 개정안을 대표발의했다, 환급금 반환일자는 “환불요청서 제출 후 늦어도 일주일 내로 계좌에 입금할 홈페이지 것”이라고 알렸다. 전화번호 : 02-6958-5434 ㅣ 팩스번호, 개정으로 대통령령으로 정하도록 위임한 ‘난임 및 예방 및 관리 업무’는 ‘난임주사 투약에 관한 지원 및 정보제공’으로 규정함 보건복지부 관계자는 “이번 시행령 개정으로 난임 주사제 투약에 어려움을 느끼는 난임부부들이 보건소를 통해서 보다 편리하게 서비스를 받게 될 것으로 기대한다”라고 밝혔다.

Unique to our organisation, Essex Pay is designed to make sure our pay is transparent, consistent, fair and equitable. We follow these principles:​​

  • ​​To use one job evaluation method throughout our structure
  • Paying colleagues in the same role the same pay rate (except for training and development reasons)
  • Aligning our offer to the pay market, National Public, Not for Profit, Recruiting Trend information and respective private industries
  • An annual review of employees Rate For the Job (RFJ) to ensure continued alignment market
  • Clear guidelines on how to position pay.

Social Care Pay

Our Social Care pay ranges are linked to capability using professional competency frameworks. Again this is unique to Essex County Council and it ensures clear progression and development for our Social Care and other front line colleagues.


We’ve developed what we hope is a package that resonates with you:

Family Friendly flexible Working
Generous holiday and special leave allowances (including the option to purchase extra holiday)
Local Government Pension Scheme
Life Assurance of three times annual salary
Volunteering leave (up to 4 days per year)
Employee wellbeing and counselling
Travel discounts & season ticket loans
Learning and Development opportunities/coaching & mentoring
Payment of professional fees for approved professions
Eye care vouchers
Lease car scheme (dependent on business needs).

You’ll also have access to the MyReward, a unique platform for Essex County Council employees to take advantage of including:

  • Healthcare and Dental Plans at corporate rates
  • Cycle to Work through salary sacrifice
  • Tax-free savings on childcare via salary sacrifice
  • Discounts and benefits at many local and national outlets including supermarkets, shopping, restaurants, technology purchases and holidays
  • Discounts across Essex County Council’s businesses, including Country Park Membership, ACL and more
  • Cashback on purchases.
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