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Welcome to Place & Public Health

“Place & Public Health is here to make a long lasting and positive impact on the outcomes of residents, communities and businesses across Essex. We now have a real opportunity to be greater than the sum of our parts and develop a holistic approach to places that ensures Essex remains the place to live, work and enjoy – now and in the future.

Our ambition is not only to continue to provide great services but also to improve the outcomes for the people of Essex. We know that the life chances of residents, and the performance of businesses, are influenced by a wide range of factors, including the health and wellbeing of the individual, the efficiency of transport networks, the quality of the natural environment and the provision of skills – to name a few. P&PH reflects this wide range of influences and recognises that four key ambitions must be realised in order to make Essex a prosperous and inclusive place to live and work.

We welcome those with the talent to deliver on our ambitions.”

Four ambitions

  1. Sustainable Growth
  2. Sustainable Travel
  3. Sustainable Environment
  4. Sustainable Communities.

There are a wide variety of roles available in this diverse group where the compelling challenges come thick and fast.

If you don’t see a role that matches what you’re looking for right now, please join our talent pool. Tell us about the type of roles you are interested in and we’ll notify you if they become available. Please keep checking our website, though, as new roles we won’t have recruited for will appear often, and they may be of interest.

Our recent work

Take a look at some of the recent projects we have been working on in Place & Public Health, are you ready to help us make the difference?

Property Resilience Scheme

We’ve been working closely with the Environmental Agency to set aside budget for a property flood resilience scheme.

Chelmsford re-opens

The Chelmsford “Safer, Greener and Healthier” project has provide a wonderful overhaul of Chelmsford and improved on residents quality of life.

Army and Navy Flyover Removal

We were able to safely cut away and remove the old flyover, with most of old structure being broken down for recycling.

It took 17 nights, 10 days, and around 2000 hours.

Place Services

Building on over 40 years experience of environmental decision making in the public sector, this team was created in response to the financial crisis in 2008.

Natural Environment Services

Head of Essex Highways Commissioning
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