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“Over the last two years, we’ve built the foundation of our Organisation Development & People and Service Transformation services through the delivery of our People Plan. This key document underpins the organisational strategy and helps delivery on our strategic aim of doing more for less.

And our efforts are being noticed – not just internally, but on a national level. We were recently nominated for three awards from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD).

We’re also responsible for crucial ongoing activity, such as managing payroll, changes to employees’ terms and conditions, recruitment, safeguarding & compliance (including DBS) and much more.

Service Transformation is a relatively new service and combines digital skills to deliver user research, business design, organisational design, redesigning of services and continuous improvement. All of this helps the organisation to deliver the strategic aim of re-imagining how residents’ needs can be met in a digital world.”

Pam Parkes, Director, Organisation Development & People and Service Transformation

Essex County Council is one of the largest local authorities in England. We employ over 7,500 people. The sheer diversity of services we provide – from social care to the environmental, transport to education, planning to benefits – is a source of deep pride. For our Organisation Development & People and Service Transformation team, it’s the platform for an even more promising future.

The potential is enormous

We are fundamentally changing the way we re-imagine, shape and deliver services to our thriving county. The potential is enormous: reduced costs, increased efficiencies, better use of data and, most importantly of all, improved outcomes and better lives for the people we serve.

We also have an ambitious organisation strategy and change agenda. In short, we’ve challenged ourselves to deliver a workforce strategy that lights the blue-touch paper on strong individual and team performances across the board.

Great workforce – today and tomorrow

Our workforce strategy has four key themes:

  • Creating the right conditions
  • Staying ahead of the curve
  • Transforming passion into impact
  • Enabling growth and development.

A great sense of wellbeing

Underpinning everything is our goal to strengthen our attraction as an employer and develop a strong brand for Essex County Council. We want to be known as a diverse, desirable place to work that promotes equality. One where employees feel a personal commitment and enjoy a sense of genuine satisfaction and wellbeing. And, crucially, a workplace that offers the right opportunities for everybody to develop and grow.

Top of your game

We are looking for professionals who are at the top of their game and who are passionate about developing modern, business-focused solutions, and who are not afraid to challenge and try something new.

Award Nominations

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