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Legal and Assurance provides expert support to all parts of the council. Thanks to them, we can deliver excellent public services. Which makes this the idea environment for legal and governance professionals.

From Corporate Law to Equality and Diversity, Organisational Risk Services to Democratic Services, and Internal Audit and Counter Fraud to Legal Services and Trading Standards, we have experts in every area.

Democratic Services

Counter Fraud Team

Internal Audit

Organisational Risk Services

Essex Legal Services

Information Governance

Democratic Services

Support Councillors, to enable local democracy and promote good corporate governance, by supporting the Council and its committees. Keys areas cover, proactive scrutiny, the management of formal decision-making processes, County elections and Councillor development.

In addition we support Councillors, political groups, the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and the Lord Lieutenant. We influence good corporate governance across the organisation through monitoring, advice and outreach and provide the statutory school appeals service.

Counter Fraud Team

The team delivers a quality investigative service with the objective of preventing, detecting and deterring fraud throughout the Council, thereby securing the "public purse".

The Counter Fraud Team will:

  • Regularly report to the Audit Committee on the progress of proactive work undertaken across the Council and on the investigation of actual or suspected bribery;
  • In consultation with the Head of Internal Audit & Counter Fraud, the relevant Head of Service & Legal Services, will decide when/if to report cases of fraud or bribery to the Police. Further, they will ensure that other relevant parties are informed where necessary e.g. Human Resources;
  • Ensure that the Council incident and losses reporting systems are followed;
  • Ensure that system weaknesses identified as part of any investigation are followed up with management or Internal Audit and recommendations made to improve the control framework.

Internal Audit

The role of the Internal Audit Service is to provide assurance to members and management that there are proportionate and effective internal control arrangements in place for the proper administration of the Council's affairs.

The responsibilities of Internal Audit are to:

  • review the effectiveness of internal controls throughout the authority by carrying out an agreed programme of risk based internal audit reviews
  • promote the effectiveness of internal controls by providing control design advice for projects, new developments and organisational change
  • provide an annual opinion on the effectiveness of the council's internal control environment, corporate governance arrangements and risk management maturity
  • provide independent assurance to management and members that internal controls are designed well, are proportionate to risk and are operating effectively in practice
  • provide advice and support on internal control matters e.g. assess the effectiveness of controls in existing systems or provide advice on control design where new systems or processes are being considered.

Organisational Risk Services

There are four specialist areas within Organisational Risk.

  • First, they ensure the effective management of health, safety and wellbeing of all employees.
  • Next, they see that there are effective business continuity management arrangements in place and manage Major Incidents to minimise business impact.
  • They also provide assurance, support and challenge across the organisation on all areas of business risk management.
  • Lastly, they make sure that there is adequate insurance in place for the Authority, including Schools and Academies.

Essex Legal Services

Essex Legal Services (ELS) is the in-house legal service for Essex County Council and comprises more than 100 legal professionals who combine exceptional expertise with a mature understanding of the values and ethos of the public sector. ELS is proud to provide ECC and other public sector organisations nationwide with high quality, comprehensive and outcomes-driven legal support.

ELS specialises in adult, children’s, civil litigation, commercial, corporate governance, prosecutions & enforcement, education, employment, environmental, healthcare, highways, information governance, insurance claims, mental health, personal injury, planning, property, public interest immunity and regeneration law.

Information Governance

The information governance team supports the organisation by providing advice and guidance on information management and compliance with information legislation. The team has an excellent reputation locally and nationally, and is seen as a market leader. With the current significant changes in data protection legislation, it is vital that the team keeps abreast of the law and regulatory guidance in order to protect our customers, our staff and our organisation.

Our team of IG professionals are qualified, committed and enthusiastic about helping the organisation realise its ambitions in an ethical and lawful way, ensuring the best outcomes for Essex residents. We also promote working in partnership, e.g. The Whole Essex Information Sharing Framework (WEISF), and the Essex Online Partnership (EOLP), where we work with Partners to raise information maturity across the partnership to the benefit of all.

Step 1: Online Application

You can complete a quick online application with us by either uploading your CV or completing an online application form.  You will receive a confirmation email to let you know we have your application.

Step 2: Shortlisting

Once our advertising process has finished, we will review our applications and let you know if we would like to invite you to an interview.  At this stage you may also be invited to join our talent pool where you will receive updates on future opportunities with us.

Step 3: Interview and assessment

The interview and assessment process could take many forms, dependent on the role you are applying for but the recruitment team will always let you know what to expect.

Step 4: Decision

Within a week of your assessment we’ll be able to let you know whether you’ve been successful in applying for a role with us.

Step 5: Compliance safeguarding checks

 Once you have been offered a role we will invite you to meet with us to start your pre-employment checks.

Application process

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