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From country parks to quarries, and urban design to new schools, our environment and planning services aim for the best outcomes for the people who visit, live in or work in Essex. We have more than enough room for you.

Essex County Council provides a range of services relating to the environment in which we live, and we work in collaboration wherever we can. We plan strategically for demands in Essex, including growth through businesses and housing delivery, promoting and implementing award-winning green infrastructure projects and coastal management schemes, planning for mineral and waste development, managing and organising events in Essex County Parks and protecting the environment from the impacts of flooding. We also offer multi-disciplinary consultancy services in Arboriculture, Archaeology, Biodiversity, Conservation, Ecology, Historic Buildings, Landscape, Historic Landscapes, Planning, Public Art and Urban Design.


Environmental Strategy

Country Parks


Flood and Water Management

Place Services

Spatial Planning

Environmental Strategy

The team works with partners within and outside Essex to help secure and implement schemes providing social, economic and environmental benefits close to where people live and work. They include places for outdoor relaxation and play, space and habitat for wildlife with access to nature for people, climate change adaptation, environmental education, local food production and improved health and well-being.

The schemes can range from multi-million pound EU-funded projects to more discrete initiatives to tackle carbon reduction. Our team also handles a variety of coastal projects to make sure one of the largest coastlines in the county is preserved and enhanced.

Country Parks

This team manages seven country parks, a heritage site with formal gardens, six wind and water mills and many woodlands across Essex. They not only handle estate management across all these sites but also develop events and activities for visitors, including a programme of outdoor learning.

The operational side of the service is very seasonal. In fact, it ranges from carrying out woodland management in the winter and running Christmas-themed events to ensuring hundreds of thousands of visitors can enjoy their country parks in the very busy spring and summer school holidays. Our visitors should leave the sites having had a memorable visit and gained an appreciation of their natural environment. Customer service, conservation management, landscape presentation, liaising with stakeholders and managing volunteers are the team’s main activities.


The Planning team deals with issues relating to strategic planning, mineral and waste planning and land and buildings owned by the council.  Strategic planning relates to issues that are likely to have an impact across the whole of Essex. Because of that, they’ll often work with a variety of partners – including district and parish councils – to help implement medium-term and long-term development strategies and major projects.

The Minerals and Waste Planning team is responsible for all minerals and waste-related development and planning issues. They determine planning applications for minerals sites (such as quarries, mineral wharves, rail heads and sand and gravel processing plants) and waste proposals (including landfill sites, waste transfer/recycling sites and scrap yards).

That team also deals with applications for our own development projects such as new schools, school extensions and highway projects, and prepares the Minerals and Waste Development Plans.

Flood and Water Management

As a Lead Local Flood Authority, the team helps authorities work together to reduce flooding problems across Essex. They manage the impact of development and flood risk advising, securing funding and helping implement schemes to manage the impacts of ground and surface water, streams and ditches. Beyond this, they investigate and publish reports on significant floods, order works to manage flood risk, and decide about requested changes to drainage and watercourses. And in collaboration with other organisations and developers, they make sure developments don’t increase flood risk.

Place Services

The team provides integrated environmental assessment, planning, design and management consultancy services to clients right across the UK. Their unique mix of skills and experience has generated a national reputation for excellence and their expanding range of clients includes statutory, professional and funding bodies. With award-winning understanding of planning and environmental decision making across the public and independent sectors, they can advise on arboriculture, archaeology, biodiversity, conservation, ecology,  historic buildings, landscape, historic landscapes, planning, public art and urban design.


Spatial Planning

The Spatial Planning Team involves promoting the spatial planning priorities of Essex, leading the Essex response to major development pressures, and leading the Council’s outward facing approach to coordinated partnership working focused on achieving the best solution for the Council and Essex communities. The team is also involved with providing responses to Central Government consultations on various issues ranging from planning policy, aviation, nuclear industry, to national grid network planning.

The purpose of the team is to maximise the benefits of sustainable growth (economic, social and environmental); promote economic benefits and inward investment, including job creation; secure appropriate development, and enhance the image, reputation and economy in Essex by:

  • Providing a spatial planning input as part of project or process teams as required, ensuring cross functional output.
  • Promoting work with internal and external partners on spatial planning strategy for Essex, as a whole, and its sub-regions.
  • Influencing the spatial planning policies of national, regional, sub-regional, and local partners/ stakeholders so that the Council’s strategic priorities are effectively promoted and safeguarded.
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Infrastructure Delivery Team

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