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Customer Services is the front door to Essex County Council, and they believe in putting residents and businesses first. Join the team, and you’ll make everybody welcome.

Our aim is to develop and improve the customer services we deliver to the people of Essex. Where we can, we want to provide more services online and make it easier for people to contact us and do business with us. By managing initial contact from customers more effectively, increasing customer self-service and delivering through digital channels, we can offer a more effective and efficient service for Essex residents.

Working with partners, community groups and the voluntary sector, we’re looking at how we can develop community hubs so we’re meeting public expectations of what customer service should be like now and in the future.

Customer Experience and Development Team

Telephone and Digital Access

Face to Face Services

Customer Experience and Development Team

Our high-level responsibilities are to define the customer experience across Essex County Council, drive its development and delivery, and embed our Customer Promises. We also handle projects to transform the customer experience, reduce avoidable contact, improve processes and encourage channel shift to reduce demand. Lastly, we manage and co-ordinate Member, MP, Executive, customer enquiries and complaints. This includes statutory complaints in relation to adult and children’s social care, complaints about education and Local Government Ombudsman investigations.

Telephone and Digital Access

Our customer service area is very diverse and at the front line of customer interactions, being responsible for: calls, emails and social media; adult social care support, advice and information; our reception points across the county; digitising customer transactions.  These teams handle 650,000 calls, 60,000 emails, 45,000 pieces of post and serving 350,000 visitors per year and, as such, are a vital part of Essex County Council.

Our priority is to resolve all customer enquiries and, where this is not possible, know where to direct people to.  Our quality and efficiency has earned us a great reputation within Essex County Council which means we are continually taking on additional work and broader across the public sector.

Face to Face Services

Our Face to Face Service is made up of Libraries, Registration Service and the Coroner Service.

With 74 libraries (some of which have co-located or shared service delivery with community or voluntary sector partners) and 11 mobile libraries regularly reaching out into local communities, our Face to Face library provision spans the whole county.

Our Registration Service has eight main offices that offer a range of services to help people get married, register births and deaths and apply for British citizenship.

The Coroner’s Service investigates deaths that appear to be sudden and of unknown cause, unnatural or due to violence, or occur in legal custody. Strangely, they’re also involved when any buried treasure is found in the county.

Lesley - Corporate & Customer Services Lesley - Corporate & Customer Services
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Lesley - Corporate & Customer Services

Step 1: Online Application

You can complete a quick online application with us by either uploading your CV or completing an online application form.  You will receive a confirmation email to let you know we have your application.

Step 2: Shortlisting

Once our advertising process has finished, we will review our applications and let you know if we would like to invite you to an interview.  At this stage you may also be invited to join our talent pool where you will receive updates on future opportunities with us.

Step 3: Interview and assessment

The interview and assessment process could take many forms, dependent on the role you are applying for but the recruitment team will always let you know what to expect.


Step 4: Decision

 Within a week of your assessment we’ll be able to let you know whether you’ve been successful in applying for a role with us.

Step 5: Compliance safeguarding checks

 Once you have been offered a role we will invite you to meet with us to start your pre-employment checks.  

Application process

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