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Welcome to Adult Social Care!

We are a dynamic and varied service which knows that the key to enabling people to have greater independence and control over their lives is by working in collaboration with others and applying the principles of prevention, sustainability and best value.

Social work can be challenging, multifaceted but a rewarding role and we recognise the importance of equipping you with the tools to enable you to develop meaning relationships and find sustainable solutions. We offer great development opportunities and have many examples of excellent career progression throughout the service.

I am very proud of our service and the great work we are doing across all our partners to build community capacity and resilience, we do hope you apply for one of our roles.

Nick Presmeg

Director Adult Social Care



Recruitment Event - Register your interest here

ECC's approach to Adults Social Care

North Quadrant (Colchester, Tendering)

South Quadrant (Basildon, Brentwood, Rochford and Castle Point)

Mid Quadrant (Chelmsford, Braintree, Maldon

West (Harlow, Epping Uttlesford)

Recruitment Event - Register your interest here

Adult Social Care Occupational Therapy Recruitment Evening.

Thursday 28th Feb 2019, 6.00 - 8.00pm

Essex County Council, County Hall, Chelmsford, CM1 1QH

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ECC's approach to Adults Social Care

The following principles underpin Essex’s strategic approach for social care

Prevention: we will focus on evidence-based interventions that can help to prevent avoidable demand on statutory health and care services.

Early intervention and recovery: we will proactively work with individuals, families and other agencies to help people who have experienced ill-health or crisis to recover as quickly as possible, reducing their ongoing needs and helping them return home; and also work with those with disabilities and challenging behaviours to understand their needs and how they can live as independently as possible . 

Enablement: we will work on the assumption that people want to be enabled and supported to live independently at home and access employment when possible, ensuring that residential and long-term care is only used when it is appropriate

Safeguarding: we will place the right of all adults to live their lives free from harm, abuse and neglect at the heart of everything we do.

How are the teams structured?

Early Intervention and prevention deals with in-coming demand, provide short-term interventions and recovery, and develop strong links with communities and partners.

On-going support will focus on our customers who require more Intensive care, giving Essex the capacity we need in specialisms such as mental health, older aged adults and learning disabilities. The aim is to work with these people in a different way so we transform outcomes rather than just deliver traditional care.

Working in Early Intervention

The purpose of the teams

To ensure that people are supported as early as possible to prevent, reduce or delay the onset of care needs and to maximise their personal wellbeing in the process.

Focus will be on Prevention, Recovery, Early and Short Term Interventions with all vulnerable Adults and Carers in Essex, building on the Person Centred, Strengths based approach Essex calls ‘Good Lives’

The teams will operate in the community and also (at least initially) within Essex hospitals and will triage all incoming cases.

The teams will focus on building systemic change in relation to Prevention, Recovery & Early Interventions with neighbourhoods, communities, health and partners.

  • Early Intervention Teams
  • Hospital Assessment Teams


Working in Ongoing Support

The purpose of the teams

To work with individual’s who have a continued need for Adult Social Care Support where planned activity is the focus.

To help ensure that people have the right size package of care and support for their needs, and that everything is done to maximise the independence and wellbeing of the person and their carer.

Teams will proactively work with partners to ensure that individuals have access to community based support networks whenever possible.

To work with individuals using new skills and approaches, and turning existing services into new personalised solutions.

Recovery and prevention focus is echoed in on-going support with joined-up local neighbourhood and MDT working, including through a focus on occupational therapy and rehabilitation

  • Learning Disabilities and Autism Teams
  • Physical Sensory Impairment Teams
  • Mental Health Teams
  • Older Adults Teams


Working in Learning Disabilities and autism

To work with adults with learning disabilities and autism to help them to live as independently as possible and to support more adults with learning disabilities and autism to access meaningful employment.

Continuity of the relationship between adults, family and social worker team – having deeper knowledge/memory of the person and their lives to enable personalised assessment and planning

Planned work to support and track cohorts through ongoing transitions from childhood into adulthood/independent living - regular checks to ensure on tracks and meeting milestones

A focus on self directed support – using Personal Budgets and Direct Payments to support better outcomes

Bespoke and creative support plans with emphasis on outcomes  and progression of independence– making use of local and family supports but also working with providers to come up with innovative cost effective solutions

Whole life approach in practice– looking ahead, building resilient support networks

Focus on health, wellbeing, employment and housing not just an episode of care management

Greater emphasis on working with carers and providers to strengthen community support

Bring back passion, enthusiasm and focus on LD and ASD and galvanise our approach to make a real difference to people’s lives

  • Complex Team
  • Behavioural specialists
  • LD residential

North Quadrant (Colchester, Tendering)

Patrick Higgs - Director of Local Delivery providing some insight into the North Quadrant.

South Quadrant (Basildon, Brentwood, Rochford and Castle Point)

Georgia Chimbani - Director of Local Delivery providing some insight into the South Quadrant.

Mid Quadrant (Chelmsford, Braintree, Maldon

Simon Froud - Director of Local Delivery providing some insight into the Mid Quadrant.

West (Harlow, Epping Uttlesford)

Alex Green - Director of Local Delivery providing some insight into the West Quadrant.

Vision for Adult Social Care Vision for Adult Social Care
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Vision for Adult Social Care

Contact us

Essex Recruitment Team 
Seax House – 1st Floor
County Hall
Victoria Road South

Telephone number: 033 005 83330 Option 1

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