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Highways are important to absolutely everyone – our roads and footways underpin people’s ability to travel, get things done and power the Essex economy. With over 5000 miles of roads, 4000 miles of footways and 4000 further miles of other public rights of way, it is the seventh longest network in the country and carries some of the heaviest traffic flows. Combined, all the highways, streetlights, traffic signals, structures, traffic signs, drainage, and safety items we install and maintain are the most valuable assets the council owns – valued at over £10billion.

Essex County Council need a great team to keep everything working well and, since 2012, Essex County Council has partnered with Ringway Jacobs to deliver and improve the county’s highways service. The highways service is always looking for good people across a variety of disciplines – Ringway Jacobs offer roles ranging from apprentices to graduates; engineers, designers and planners through to support roles and, of course plenty of opportunities for work on roads, structures and other equipment of all kinds. To find out more, explore the links on this section.


The highways service covers a number of areas, all linked together to provide Essex with a ‘one stop’, end to end highways service. We:

  1. Measure and advise on the condition of all highways assets
  2. Conduct repairs on roads, footways and public rights of way
  3. Build new infrastructure and repair existing
  4. Maintain streetlights, traffic lights, road signs and lots of other things
  5. Monitor the flow of traffic on the network
  6. Manage who is allowed to dig up the roads
  7. Advise third parties on things like new roads
  8. Provide winter safety and seasonal activities like vegetation cutting
  9. Update the legal records
  10. And help to manage the budget and communications that enables all this work to take place.

Essex highways operates from a number of modern, environmentally friendly office and operational sites, situated in key locations optimised to enable easy access to the highway network. We have major operational and office sites at Childerditch (near Basildon); Springfield (Chelmsford) and Ardleigh (Colchester), with other smaller sites including Hastingwood (Harlow), Stanstead and Halstead. Our main office is Seax House, Chelmsford, part of the County Hall complex.

Of course, many of our staff work out on the highways, and they use modern vehicles and equipment, maintained to the safest standards.

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