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Leaders like you

Here at Essex County Council, we’re looking at things differently. By 2020, we aim to be both self-funded and self-sufficient, standing on our own two feet financially. It’s a significant change and a huge challenge. But a welcome opportunity, too. We’re in a relatively strong financial position, having saved over £500 million in the last four years.

However, there’s more we can do. More we must do. We need to think differently, more entrepreneurially, more creatively about how we use resources to solve the problems of tomorrow.

All of us here feel proud about working for one of the best public service organisations in the country. One that is undertaking all it can to do better. To ensure that happens, we need leaders in place who are excited by challenges and inspired by our vision. Leaders with the ambition and drive to do everything they can to bring about this change, together. Leaders like you.

Gavin Jones - Chief Executive Gavin Jones - Chief Executive
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Gavin Jones - Chief Executive

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